A 13 Acre, 10 linear block, urban design study in the heart of San Ysidro's historic downtown. The study area included numerous existing retail establishments, historic building, existing public library and park and recreation facilities. The goal was to create a redevelopment plan for a medium density, pedestrian scaled, transit oriented, sustainable, urban mixed use, linear core with housing and commercial. This included: a new public library fronted with an urban plaza as a focal point; adaptive reuse of the existing historic public library; new recreation fields on decks over public parking; relocation and enlargement of an existing neighborhood grocery store, bank and new drugstore with housing above; street level pedestrian oriented and neighborhood serving retail under three stories of market rate and affordable courtyard housing; zero lot line townhomes; below grade and tucked in at grade parking; infrastructure study, and; enhanced streetscapes for traffic calming and increased traffic capacity.