Samsung Industries


Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Located at Mesa de Otay, the complex is master planned for 400,000 square feet of warehouses, manufacturing plants, employee housing, and recreational facilities. Our scope of work entailed full programming, planning and architectural services for a high technology, high bay manufacturing facility with office and support areas. The plant houses one thousand employees. The first phase, consisting of 172,000 square feet for the manufacturing of televisions, was constructed in 1995. The complex, equipped with R&D and distribution support facilities, will turn out some $2 billion in products each year.

Client: Samsung International, Inc.


Prospect Point

This award-winning, three story development consists of 45,000 square feet of office, retail and residential uses located along the eastern edge of the La Jolla Village. Prospect Point is designed in a Spanish Mannerist Style reminiscent of the turn of the century buildings found in Southern California.

Our design concept focused on providing an architecture which draws its inspiration from important La Jolla buildings such as the Women’s Club, La Valencia Hotel, and the Bishop’s School. Through this project we also demonstrated how to create an urbane, people-oriented building in harmony with the neighborhood. This was achieved through such features as wrought iron rails, upper level pergolas, color and tile, regional landscaping, a central courtyard, and architectural detailing.


UETA World Duty Free

The design strategy capitalizes on marketing principles of the “window display” while concurrently using architectonic forms to produce a sensitive urban retail boutique at the most crossed international border.

The red-granite arched loggia, in front of inset glass display bays, serves as a facade to the plaza, a circulation path to the border, and a frame for the appreciation of products. Likewise, the freestanding, multi-colored ceramic tile arch frames the projecting display boxes of the main building as well as the composition of architecture.


City Heights Office Building

A key component of the City Heights redevelopment is the six-story office building located on University Avenue. Its design reflects and responds to the context, scale and history of the existing community. The building includes continuous ground floor retail spaces, with a scale and rhythm similar to the historical retail on University and Fairmount Avenues, and aims to continue the pedestrian friendly nature of the sidewalks.

The building's facade, which is divided into two equal parts, evokes the post-modern style. On one half of the block, the facade is solid and rectilinear with deep punched openings; on the other side, it is composed of a smooth, curved skeletal glass skin. This design visually reduces the bulk of the building's program to smaller, comprehensible forms proportioned to the human scale.


Carlsbad Power Plant


Bonita Professional Plaza

Located on a challenging slope, this professional/medical office building is nestled against the hillside while facing the busy thoroughfare in front. The building's architecture introduces a new aesthetic to the area and provides a transition to the surrounding residential developments.

An arcade at the ground level and upper-story perimeter walkways provide circulation that is visually and physically connected to the exterior public spaces and courtyards. At the entry, a large compound arch decorated with blue and green ceramic tiles and inset with clear glazing, becomes the focal point. Completing the grand entry are two 90-year old Canary Island palm trees on either side of the portal.