Bosque de las Araucarias

The framework plan for this master planned community on Mesa de Otay establishes a circulation system which distributes the diverse program into a grouping of sensible districts with meaningful open spaces and well defined buildings. The high spine boulevard (Paseo de las Araucarias) contains regionally appropriate uses – a medical center, NAFTA related businesses, a conference hotel and convention and expo center, and specialty retail and restaurants. The boulevard also serves to connect the area's two principle thoroughfares to the mesa, thereby making a seamless transition into the existing urban realm. Moreover, the adjoining avenues, streets, and roads further distribute residential neighborhood programs while creating visual connections to surrounding geographical features.


Abu Dhabi

On the site of an old Royal Palace, a 180 acre master plan for 7 million square feet of development. The program included a 77 story, 7 sided mixed use tower which included retail, hotel, office and very high end residential condo's. The number 7 represented the 7 Arab Emirates in the UAE. The balance of the program included numerous residential buildings ranging from 4 stories to 30 stories, retail, office, clinic, water plant, parking structures and various types of landscaped open space.

The 77 story tower design was developed beyond the master plan stage. The 7 towers within the main tower spiral up in height with increments/multiples of 7. The lower levels are intended to be a multi level retail mall surrounding a multi level entry galleria which also serves as public access for the hotel, office and residential lobbies. There are also separate private and secure access lobbies for the office, hotel and condos. The building form is jewel like and faceted and the skin is made up of high performance glass, stone and metal.

The master plan is organized in such a way to incorporate a new, smaller street grid and has included landscaped open space and neighborhood serving retail. The project included a water plant for processing and recycling water for the entire development.