Cedar Road Housing

North County Housing Foundation

Cedar Road Housing, situated on a 4.12 acre mid-block site, is a sixty-eight unit multi-family housing development for the low-income families of Vista. The transitional housing development provides two, three and four bedroom townhouses, and two-bedroom flats.

The development of building clusters, each facing a courtyard, creates a series of small-scale “neighborhoods.” The unit configuration was designed specifically for working families with children. Most units are accessible by both a front door leading to the parking/street and a rear door leading to the community areas. Two-bedroom flats provide unique housing opportunities for two small families to live in a shared housing situation.

In the middle courtyard, the residents’ community center is the hub of activity, both with recreational and learning/management space. A patio/barbecue area leads to a tot-lot, gardens, and lawn/landscaped areas, all visible from the recreation rooms. Laundry buildings, with built-in seating and large roof-overhangs, are intended to double as gathering spots. Perimeter parking and auto circulation minimizes impact on the living and recreational space.

The creative construction financing package included tax credits, County H.O.M.E. Funds, City Redevelopment Funds, A.H.P. Funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank, H.U.D. Supportive Housing Funds, a Department of Agriculture Farm Worker Housing Grant, and private bank loans. Martinez + Cutri Architects satisfied the design and construction requirements of all these agencies.