Diamond Tower – Surat, India

The Center contains a 40-story, 5-Star Resort Hotel & Spa and is accompanied by a Convention Center and an Exclusive Membership Club. The design parti takes its inspiration from the reputation of the City of Surat as being the diamond finishing capital of the world.

The site plan distributes key programmatic components in a sensible manner across the 15,000 Sq. M. property, thereby promote ease of circulation around the Motor Court — it contains a Fountain at its center — and convenient drop off and pick up at the hotel’s Port O’cochre, as well as immediate access to the subterranean car parking garage which is sited in three levels below the Convention Center. long landscaped garden and promenade. This area provides for a variety of uses, including sitting and relaxing, pavilions for outdoor beverages and cooking, as well as a long lagoon swimming pool with Jacuzzi.

By its placement, the 40-story tower will command magnificent views of the city, new adjacent developments, and vistas to the River Tapi.

The Tower

This 500 foot tall, 40 story tower features a 5-star hotel which contains a spectacular glass entry canopy, a vaulted lobby and exquisite entertainment lounge on the first floor sets the level of quality for the entire property. On the second floor are two restaurants which overlook the property and the River Tapi. On the third floor will be the business center and hospitality business suites. On the fourth through eleventh floors will be 150 premiere guest rooms while floors twelfth through nineteenth will contains 150 unit of condo-hotel. The upper portion of the tower, fourteen floors, will contain 50 private residences ranging is area from 3,000 SF to 5,000 SF. Above this level, the 34th floor is a sky-lounge and transfer point to the 40th floor which features a 9,000 SF rotating restaurant called “Sparkle”.

The Convention Center

This multi-venue Center, all on one contiguous ? oor, will contain public assembly space, including: a Grand Ballroom, a Junior Ballroom, and private meeting spaces. These program spaces are serviced by a Back-of-the-House structure containing kitchen, food prep, dish washing, storage and other related spaces some of which are situated in the parking garage below. The three levels of underground parking will accommodate approximately 300 automobile.

The Design Parti

Instantaneously, the Diamond Tower of Surat will serve as the landmark in an emerging urban precinct of the city. Presently, numerous upscale retail malls and housing developments are starting to de? ne the character of this sub-region of Surat. Given the location of this property near the Bank of River Tapi, a diamond topped, 500-foot hig obelisk, set in a rich cultural landscape, is the appropriate aesthetics for this high quality mixed-use development.