Olympian High School

Over a three-month period, the Design Steering Committee — composed of faculty, staff, principals, ASB/students representatives, and members of the Board of Trustees, as well as, business groups and civic organizations — worked hand-in-hand with the architects in refining the Ed Spec for Otay Ranch Area High School into a program for a site-specific comprehensive high school. In particular:

  • Student-centered approach to education
  • Essential Learning Programs in concert with a technologically-based curriculum
  • Emphasis on school-to-career programs
  • Student Success in the 21st century: devlopment of information management, critical thinking skills, problem solving, coping with change, creativity, team work, and civic responsibility
  • A stimulating campus environment
  • Establishment of joint-use facilities thus promoting public-private partnerships

In collaboration with the School District, Martinez + Cutri directed the community workshops, established the parameters/criteria for the program, budget, and site, in addition to writing the Educational Specifications for this new high school.

The principle planning concepts focused on providing a joint-use (District/City) comprehensive high school where the Multi-Purpose Center, Library, Gymnasium, and athletic field, and the Career-to-Business Center become assets of the community.

The framework plan draws its inspirations from the synthesis of three distinct propositions, namely: 1) the principles inherent to American campus design and town planning; 2) the juxtaposition of Art & Technology with the natural environment; and 3) the experiential qualities of form. Accordingly, each building, in its own right, becomes a landmark, and likewise the Campus plan assumes a dynamic symmetry that is highly functional.