SDSU Calexico

SDSU Imperial Valley Campus
The campus Master Plan for this complex is centered around two important goals; first, the establishment of a framework plan which will unify old and new structures into a clear hierarchy of buildings and spaces; and second, the identification and the articulation of important campus landmarks which contribute to the greater community/region.
The architectural design of the seven new structures: Administration, Art Gallery, Faculty Offices, Research Institute, Library Expansion, Student Lounge/Bookstore, and Physical Plant takes its inspiration from the existing 1927 Spanish Colonial architecture and the emerging binational/bicultural spirit of NAFTA.

The aesthetics of the new buildings capture the spirit of the existing Spanish-Mission style campus. This can be seen in the entry portico of the Administration Building, in the vault and turrets of the new Library, and in the entry colonnade into the various classrooms, offices, and student services buildings.

As a result of its locale in the desert, this project employed extensive use of daylighting, sun control, natural ventilation and other passive solar energy strategies for architectural energy design solutions.

The “jewels” of the campus are the Neo-Atzlan aesthetic of the Art Gallery, the creation of an “outdoor room” (academic yard) and the regional landmark character of the telecommunications tower.